A Sweet Savory

Jan 19 2015

I stumbled upon A Sweet Savory on Instagram about a week ago, and I’ve been drooling over their pictures almost on a daily basis since then. It’s a baking company that was started by a young girl named Lauren Lowstan, who lives in California and also works for Lauren Conrad and her blog (which I love)!

A Sweet Savory provides cakes and small desserts for all different types of parties, and their displays are phenomenal, as you can see in all of these pictures. I can only imagine that everything tastes just as good as it looks – if not better!

I’m always beyond impressed when I see these spreads at parties (usually baby or bridal showers), and A Sweet Savory is certainly no exception. The presentations are perfect, and the themes are continued throughout every plate – and to great detail. The tables are a dream come true to anyone that loves perfection and everything being in its exact place. (Is anyone else raising their hand, or is it just me)? I also have somewhat of a sweet-tooth (read: insane sweet-tooth), so this is completely up my alley.

Take a peek at Lauren’s Instagram page, and make sure you find the picture of the “bear buns” – it’s the first picture I found from her account, and I remember saying out loud, “Oh my god”! You’ll know what I’m talking about immediately when you see it – it’s the cutest thing, and I’m not sure I would actually be able to eat one! Too precious.

I have a new habit of looking at food and dessert accounts on Instagram, and I followed A Sweet Savory immediately. I’m sure you might do the same. And please comment and let me know if you follow any other great accounts like this; I’d love to hear about more!