A Night at The Whitney

Jan 4 2016
I finally made it to The Whitney over the weekend with some friends, and it’s a really cool spot! Most of the art is very loud and vibrant, so there’s always something wild to look at, like huge murals, 3D paintings, larger than life sculptures, and even a few rooms with videos.

There are a few rooftop areas with things to look at too, including the piece below. We also had a ton of fun playing with the light installations and making fun shadows against the side of the building. We weren’t too sure if they positioned the lights like that on purpose, but everyone else seemed to be taking shadow pictures as well! Fun spot.

A few of the artists that I recognized within the galleries included Pollock, Hopper, and O’Keefe. A lot of the other names were new to me, and many of the artists were quite young! The museum has a great variety. And, let me say – a lot of the stuff is a little weird! Odd pictures, funky pieces..some even a little inappropriate. I’d say it’s a must-see. And make sure you grab a drink downstairs at Santina either before or after you go!