5 Healthy Every-Day Routines for 2016

Jan 12 2016
It’s safe to say that many people include some type of diet or health-related goal in their resolutions for the new year. I’ve spent the last few weeks thinking about some things that I’d like to add into my own routine for 2016 – not necessarily to lose weight – but to be a healthier person in general. Here are my top five aspirations!

1. Drink more water.
I’ve been making a point to have a cold glass of water the second I wake up each day. It’s a fresh way to start the morning, and it really wakes your body up. It’s also very good for your metabolism throughout the day.

2. Stretch or meditate every morning.
I waste too much time in the morning laying around in bed either watching tv or scrolling through Instagram. It’s not the best way to start a healthy day for my mind! I’ve recently been getting up to stretch every morning; it’s a really nice way to give your body and mind a clean slate.

3. Have less caffeine.
I’m not much of a coffee drinker to begin with (I can only handle half-caf), but I never feel great after any type of caffeine in general. When I do feel like I need some type of pick-me-up, I’ll try to switch out the caffeine for a cold snack – like fruits – or something with a lot of protein in it (a slice of turkey, maybe). These are great at waking me up naturally without chugging a Starbucks!

4. Fight the fake munchies.
I am the biggest offender of the fake munchies. I snack so much during the day, sometimes when I’m not even hungry. If I’m sitting around doing nothing, I immediately go for the refrigerator! Whenever this happens, I try to keep myself busy with a small task instead – I straighten up a room, call someone to catch up, etc. Fake munchies are real! You’re likely not hungry..you’re just bored. Keep moving!

5. Keep all personal spaces clean.
Keeping your physical space in order is definitely linked to every decision you’ll make during the day. It’s much easier to wake up in a clean bedroom or be cooking in a clean kitchen and want to keep yourself on a positive track. It’s the same effect as eating healthy from the get-go in the morning; once you’re on that road, you want to continue. Keeping your head (and body) in a clean atmosphere will always help! I’m generally a very neat person, but it’s always good to remind myself to keep it that way when I’m feeling a bit lazy.

Any other good ideas? Let me know!